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At Sparks Precision Dental, we know regular dental cleanings and exams are essential for maintaining optimal oral health. With our comprehensive Kansas City top-notch dental cleanings and thorough exams, we’re here to ensure your smile stays picture-perfect.


Whether it’s a routine check-up or a deep dental cleaning, our personalized care caters to your unique needs. Dr. Sparks and our team are ready to address your every concern with our full attention and expertise. Request an appointment today to keep your smile dazzling and your dental health on point! Call (816) 587-6444.

Dental cleanings & exams at Sparks Precision Dental

Improve your smile with our superior dental cleaning services. At Sparks Precision Dental, we use state-of-the-art techniques and tailor our services to meet your comfort and needs.


Our modern ultrasonic scalers tackle hard-to-clean tartar, ensuring an in-depth dental cleaning. For new patients, we utilize CBCT—a 3D radiograph, that provides a detailed view of teeth, roots, and bones, allowing early detection of potential issues and facilitating implant planning.


Our welcoming team creates a serene atmosphere to ensure your visits are pleasant and free of tension. Contact us at (816) 587-6444 for an extraordinary dental experience!

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FAQs about dental cleanings & exams

How often do I need dental cleanings?

We typically recommend biannual cleanings. However, this may be personalized based on your oral health. Our experts are here to guide you.

Why are dental exams crucial?

Dental exams act as an early warning system, detecting oral health problems like tooth decay, gum disease, and infections. Regular exams not only boost your oral health but also your overall wellness!

Do dental cleanings cause discomfort?

No! Our team uses gentle methods for a comfortable cleaning experience. Let us know if you have sensitivity or concerns, and we’ll accommodate you.

What benefits do regular dental cleanings offer?

Here are some of the perks:

  • Elimination of plaque and tartar
  • Fresher breath
  • Brighter smile
  • Improved oral health

Do I need dental cleanings if I keep regular home oral care?

Yes! Even with a diligent home routine, professional cleanings are important. Certain mouth areas can be challenging to clean fully, and our services ensure those areas are covered, maintaining oral health.

We’re Kid-Friendly!

The whole family is welcome here. We offer excellent treatment for all ages. Kids love our enthusiastic team, gentle approach, and our friendly office pup, Gizmo!

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Take it from our patients

$69 New Patient Emergency Visit

Need help fast? Our $69 new patient emergency visit includes any necessary X-rays and a limited dental exam. We’ll outline the dental services you need to address your concerns and get you feeling better.